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Pap: Taken September/October 1946, USS General H.W. Butner to Manila, Philippines

Thomas Alexander Piotrowski, Sr._September 1946_USS General H.W. Butner to Manila, Phillippines_03
Thomas Alexander Piotrowski, Sr.

Here is a shot similar to the one I posted on April 9, only pap is not dressed quite as casually.

Pap’s memory is pretty good, but I can imagine it is difficult to remember where you were and what exactly happened over 60 years ago, even with pictures to prompt your memory.  I can’t even remember what I did last week.  I’ve been trying to keep pictures together as much as I can determine by matching the scenes depicted and the series numbers on the back.  I wish Grammie had captioned and dated more of these pictures than she did. On the other hand, it’s been sort of a fun challenge to do a little detective work on these photographs.

Was this taken in September, when he first boarded the board? Or in October, right before the ship landed in Manila? At what point during his voyage would he be wearing this outfit as opposed to the work clothing? It’s really hard to tell.  I’m relying on pap’s memory and still assuming that this is in fact the USS General H.W. Butner.


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