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Happy Father’s Day!

My dad, "Coach Mike" enjoying a round of golf for Father's Day. He will probably kill me when he finds out I posted this here.  Sorry Dad!

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Pap: Hot and Humid – Manila, Philippines c. 1946/1947

It's going to be a hot weekend here in Pittsburgh, with temperatures reaching almost 90 degrees.  Whew!  Summer is back in Western PA.  In this picture, it looks like Pap and his unidentified friend are taking advantage of Manila's equally hot weather to show off!  Located in the tropics, Manila is obviously a pretty hot… Continue reading Pap: Hot and Humid – Manila, Philippines c. 1946/1947

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The Drive-In Turns 79!

Today marks the 79th birthday of the drive-in theatre!  The drive-in phenomenon began on June 6, 1933, when businessman Richard M. Hollingsworth, Jr. opened the first official drive-in theatre in Camden, New Jersey.  Hollingsworth, a manufacturer of automobile waxes and polishes, first experimented in his driveway with a sheet stretched between two trees, a Kodak… Continue reading The Drive-In Turns 79!