Tube City Almanac

The following articles appeared in Tube City Almanac, a community-based online journal featuring news and events in McKeesport, PA.


Councilor, Teacher Remembered for Love of City
-May 13, 2020


School Board Rehires Smith
-January 24, 2013


District Plans Science, Math Career Push
-December 26, 2012
District’s Fund Balance Better Than Expected
-December 11, 2012
Board Wants “Fresh Eyes” To Examine Contracts
-November 22, 2012
School District Will Use $529K to Improve Literacy
-November 21, 2012
Officials: MASD “Has a Plan” to Cope With Challenges
-July 27, 2012
School District Faces “Stressful” Financial Year
-July 25, 2012
Briefly Noted: Dress Code Video Online
-June 21, 2012
School Board Eyes Additions to Founders Hall

-June 20, 2012
MASD Expects Tax Increase for 2012-13 School Year
-June 14, 2012
New Dress Code OK’d for McKeesport Schools
-May 14, 2012
Amid Pa. Funding Worries, District Re-Hires Architect
-May 10, 2012
Briefly Noted: School District Working on Budget
-April 17, 2012
MASD Committee Addresses Dress Code Concerns

-April 13, 2012
Student Body Speaks Out Against Dress Code

-February 29, 2012
MASD Officials Scrap $30 Million School Project

-February 25, 2012
Slow Progress Reported on School Construction
-January 31, 2012
School Board Finalizing Student Dress Code
-January 30, 2012


County Judge Will Name New School Director
-November 30, 2011
Cornell Project Delayed Pending State Approval
-November 29, 2011
Amid Protests, School Board Moving Forward With Buildings

-November 1, 2011
Board Split 4-4 on Appointing New School Director
-October 28, 2011
Maglicco Concerned About Financial Impact of New Schools
-October 24, 2011
Residents Question MASD Building Projects

-October 3, 2011
Washowich Resigns as School Board President

-September 30, 2011
New Schools Will Reduce District’s Overhead
(part 2 of 2)
-September 26, 2011
Third School Cost Nears $32m
(part 1 of 2)
-September 26, 2011
MASD Expects Some Budget Relief
-June 16, 2011
School Board OK’s $57.5m Budget; Final Vote in June

-May 27, 2011
GW Teachers Honored for STEPP Award

-May 2, 2011
District’s Budget in Limbo; Spending Plan Coming in May

-April 28, 2011
Looming State Budget Cuts Challenge MASD

-April 15, 2011

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