Library Card: 1966-1967

Carol Ann Piotrowski Sopko_Library Card_1966-1967This is my mom’s library card for the Carnegie Free Library of McKeesport from when she was a senior in high school in 1966-1967.


Best Friends: Taken April 12, 1975

Deborah Sharik Parknavy_4-12-1975_Wedding

Mom with her cousin, Deborah Sharik Parknavy

In this photo taken on April 12, 1975, my mom is helping her cousin and best friend, Debbie, prepare for her wedding day.

Mom: Prom 1967, Age 17

Carol Ann Piotrowski Sopko_6-2-1967_Age 17_MAHS PromThis is a candid shot outside my mom’s house while she was getting her picture taken before heading off to McKeesport Area Senior High School’s prom on June 2, 1967.  Her date was her high school boyfriend, Dave.  She’s wearing her favorite color: yellow.

My mom went to the coolest afterparty.  After attending the prom held at the McKeesport Area Senior High School  vocational building gymnasium, she went to the popular Twin Coaches supper club on Route 51 in Rostraver Township where the entertainment for the night was The Temptations! Jealous!

From the 1968 Yough-a-Mon yearbook:

On June 2, the Vocational Gym expoloded with the colors and sounds of “Lollipops and Roses,” the Prom Theme of the Class of 1967.  Music was supplied by Benny Benack and his orchestra; the many decorations, made under the direction of Mr. Joseph Ference, made the ’67 Prom truly a night to remember.  The After-Prom Party at the Twin Coaches was heralded by the “Temptin’ Temptations,” which topped a perfect evening.

I would LOVE to find a picture of The Temptations performing at the Twin Coaches. If anybody out there has one, please contact me!

Pap: Taken March 24, 1946, Age 18

Thomas Alexander Piotrowski, Sr._3-24-1946

Thomas Alexander Piotrowski, Sr. (born November 16, 1927)

My maternal grandfather’s honorable discharge papers from the Army of the United States mention “3 days lost under AW 107.” The reason for this was that he slipped home for a weekend from his basic training at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland in order to visit the girl he was dating: my grandmother. His friend forgot to sign him back in.

This picture was taken on March 24, 1946, during “Tommy’s first weekend home,” as noted by my grandmother in her photo album.

I previously wrote about my pap in a Veteran’s Day post (now updated).

Grammie: Taken 1943, Age 15-16

Dorothy Frances Kolodziej Piotrowski_Taken 1943_Age 15-16_Sophomore in High School

Dorothy Frances Kolodziej Piotrowski (born May 18, 1927; died January 17, 1984)

Since I started my photo posts with my mom, I thought I would continue with her side of the family for a while.

My maternal grandmother had this portrait taken in 1943, while she was a sophomore in high school. She would be around 15 or 16 years old in this photo.

Mom: Circa 1974-75, Age 25

Carol Ann Piotrowski Sopko (Circa 1974-75, Age 25)
Carol Ann Piotrowski Sopko

My mom had this picture taken circa 1974-75 when she was 25 years old.

She told me she had it taken as a Christmas present for my dad.

Daily Post: Historical Family Photos

I’ve been inspired by Denise Ritter’s photo blog, where she posts one new photo that she’s personally taken each day. 

I’d like to blog on a more continual basis, so I thought I would do something similiar and post one historical family photo per day. I am starting to scan and archive photos electronically so I can preserve them… so why not share them?

I plan to post the first photo tomorrow! (Sorry family…)