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“Valley Voices” – Upcoming Ligonier Blog Series

The Diamond in Ligonier
Photo by Jennifer Sopko

Next week I’ll be posting the first of a new regular blog series I’m starting on this website entitled “Valley Voices.”  Each month I plan to feature a personal story or a series of memories from someone in the Ligonier community (past or present, local or expat) about the valley. I’ve spent a lot of time researching and writing about the Ligonier Valley, but I would like to showcase the voices of other people familiar with the valley’s history who have grown up here, lived here and loved here.  What do they remember about growing up in Ligonier? What makes this area so beloved and special? Everyone has their own memories about this region and I think that adds another wonderful layer to the history that is so integral to Ligonier.

So, I want to hear what YOUR voice has to say! If anybody out there has any great Ligonier stories to share with me that you think could be a part of “Valley Voices” please send them my way!


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