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Pap: Hot and Humid – Manila, Philippines c. 1946/1947

Thomas Alexander Piotrowski, Sr._1946-47_Manila, Philippines_22
Thomas Alexander Piotrowski, Sr. (right)

It’s going to be a hot weekend here in Pittsburgh, with temperatures reaching almost 90 degrees.  Whew!  Summer is back in Western PA.  In this picture, it looks like Pap and his unidentified friend are taking advantage of Manila’s equally hot weather to show off! 

Located in the tropics, Manila is obviously a pretty hot and humid place all year, with consistent temperatures in the high 80’s and 90’s.  It also has  a long wet or monsoon season (May-December).  My pap would have been here through the end of the wet season (October 1946-February 1947).  I’ve mentioned this before, but notice how the tents are elevated on stilts as well as the wooden plank sidewalks leading to each bunk – flood protection!


1 thought on “Pap: Hot and Humid – Manila, Philippines c. 1946/1947”

  1. Whether a person is more comfortable in a tropical or cooler northern climate is a subjective thing. Personally having lived most of my life in temperate Southeast Kansas and for the past 5 years in tropical Manila, Philippines I like tropical best. Yes at times it is hot and humid here but the truth of my experience is there were more days of unbearable hot humid weather in Kansas each year than here. One thing that I didn’t expect and very much surprised me is the average humidity here is less than Kansas so the temperature doesn’t seem as hot. Some find it difficult to believe but we rarely run the air conditioner because we don’t need to, fans are enough. The windows are open year around except the few times a year we would have the air conditioner on… And to me the big plus here is there is no winter. The first cool period of December that I was here I had to smile at the Filipinos who would have on their warm jackets and would be complaining how cold it was. That would be when the temperature would fall all the way down into the lower 70s and upper 60s :-).

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