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Pap: Finance Building Ruins – Manila, Philippines c. 1946/1947

Thomas Alexander Piotrowski, Sr._1946-47_Manila, Philippines_19Here is yet another piece of Filipino architecture ravaged by war.  It is truly sad and unbelievable to see just how  much culture, art and history that the city of Manila lost during World War II.

I had a little bit of difficulty researching this building and trying to figure out whether it was the Finance Building or the Bureau of Commerce Building.  However, I’ve determined (and had a source reasonably confirm) that this building housed the Department of Finance, as it was located right next to the Legislative Building, which housed Congress.  You can see a corner of the Legislative Building in this photograph on the right.  This photo was taken from Taft Avenue looking southwest. The National Museum of the Philippines now houses its Archaeology and Anthropology divisions (also known as the Museum of the Filipino People) in this former Finance Building, located in Agrifina Circle, Rizal Park.   The neighboring Legislative Building is now the National Museum’s main building, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post.


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