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Pap: Taken September/October 1946, Operation Crossroads Ships at Kwajalein Atoll

Thomas Alexander Piotrowski, Sr._September 1946_Kwajalein Atoll_06I think this neat shot is of the same ship from my April 14 post.   I like how the ship is framed by the window on the USS General H. W. Butner.  Good eye, Pap!

Here’s a little more background and context about where exactly my pap was sailing through: The Pacific Proving Grounds.  This area encompassed military sites in the Marshall Islands, including Kwajalein Atoll and Bikini Atoll, which were the two main areas involved in the July 1946 Operation Crossroads nuclear testing.  The Marshall Islands are located about midway between Hawaii and Australia in the South Pacific.  The United States took control of these islands and atolls from Japan after World War II.  A large number of nuclear weapons tests were conducted at the Pacific Proving Grounds in addition to Operation Crossroads.


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