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2011 Concert Season: Crosby & Nash

Crosby & Nash at Carnegie Library Music Hall
Munhall, PA – April 29, 2011

Crosby & NashLast Saturday night, our Carnegie Library Music Hall was a very, very, very fine hall, with two folk rock heroes on the stage, and it wasn’t hard to hear these veteran musicians put musicians one-third of their age to shame.

Their white hair might indicate the length of their music careers, but the voices of 69-year old David Crosby and Graham Nash remain ageless.

The duo harmonized for over two hours, joined by James Raymond on keyboards (Crosby’s son), Dean Parks on guitar, Kevin McCormick on bass and Steve DiStanislao on drums.

I almost missed these guys.  Tickets sold out before I decided to buy them.  However, a few single seats opened up about a week or two before the show.  I grabbed 13th row center on the floor before somebody else did.

Founding members of The Byrds, The Hollies and Crosby Stills & Nash (& sometimes Young), the duo brought a jubilant audience to their feet after each of the 26 songs on their set list.

While the set list did not include any Hollies songs, The Byrds were represented with the psychedelic opening number “Eight Miles High.” Nash alluded to his legendary love affair with and subsequent heartbreak over singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell, his sweet, clear English voice piercing the air with the beautiful “Our House” and “I Used To Be A King.” Crosby let his freak flag fly, belting out classic CSNY anthems  like “Almost Cut My Hair” and “Wooden Ships” with as much gusto as he’s ever had.

Crosby and Nash entertained the audience with a  blend of the past and the present:, featuring love songs and political protests; acoustic folk rock ballads and harder rock; CSNY classics and solo efforts; old and new songs equally relevant to current events.  I was struck by how many of their classic songs resonated with my life.

I felt the chemistry and friendship between the two rock icons, as they joked with each other and with the audience throughout the concert, tossing out their personal politics between songs to a crowd in full agreement.

Along with the customary poster I always buy, frame and hang on my wall as a reminder of each fantastic concert I’ve attended, I waited in line to buy a copy of THE ACTUAL CROSBY AND NASH CONCERT THAT I JUST WITNESSED!!!  Now I can relive the experience over and over!

Set List

Set One
1. Eight Miles High
2. I Used to be a King
3. Wasted On The Way
4. Long Time Gone
5. Lay Me Down
6. Just a Song Before I Go
7. Don’t Dig Here
8. Cowboy Movie
9. To the Last Whale: Critical Mass/Wind on the Water
10. A Slice of Time
11. Marrakesh Express
12. Deja Vu
Set Two

13. Almost Gone
14. Guinnevere
15. What Are Their Names?
16. In Your Name
17. They Want It All
18. Jesus of Rio
19. Delta
20. Cathedral
21. Our House
22. Military Madness
23. Almost Cut My Hair
24. Wooden Ships

25. Teach Your Children
26. Chicago


Here’s a snippet from “Teach Your Children Well.”

The final song of the night: “Chicago” –  The best part is that Graham Nash is playing without his shoes.  I have no idea if he had his shoes on the entire concert or not.


2 thoughts on “2011 Concert Season: Crosby & Nash”

  1. Great article. I can feel your love. Loved leaving youtube videos. Saw them in Concord, NH. Any idea how one can get a copy of the concert. They were available to us in NH but the party I was with had to get home. I was told that it would be avaiable on their website but so far not yet.

    1. Thanks for your comment David!

      I’m thinking maybe they’ll make the concerts available once they wrap up all their shows – they might be waiting to do them all at once. I’m sure they will want to catch everyone who wanted a copy of the show but couldn’t stick around.

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