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Movies, Motors & Memories: Pennsylvania’s Drive-In Theaters

DIT Presentation 06
Jennifer Sopko & Brian Butko (Courtesy of Sam Banales)

Please check out the page I just launched on this site detailing my summer 2009 Pennsylvania drive-in theater exhibit at the Ligonier Valley Library’s Pennsylvania Room.  The page includes a virtual tour of the exhibit, plus photos of several Pennsylvania drive-ins that I visited.

Hi-Way Drive-In Theater - Latrobe, PA

As a fusion of America’s romances with the motion picture and the automobile, the drive-in theater phenomenon is not only a nostalgic reminder of a simpler time, but remains a viable entertainment continuing to attract families and film-goers to its steadfast roadside survivors.  The drive-in theater has been around for over 75 years and owners and fans alike are hopeful that the stars will continue to twinkle over these attractions for years to come. 

Please support your local drive-ins; without the support of faithful patrons, these cultural icons will continue disappearing into history.


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